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Dine Doneff Rousilvo

A Balkan-Jazz Folk Opera.

October 2017

Marketed in cooperation w/ ECM Records

Rousivlo cover

Takis Farazis: piano, accordion 
Kyriakos Tapakis: oud, mandola 
Dimos Dimiriadis: alto saxophone, flute 
Pantelis Stoikos: trumpet 
Antonis Andreou: trombone 
Dine Doneff: double bass, tabla, guitar
Kostas Anastasiadis: drums, vocals 

Slava Pop'va (1,2,7,12) 
Lizeta Kalimeri (4,5) Martha Mavroidi (4) 

Camea Quartet (2,9) 
Lada Kandardjijeva: soprano 
Elena Ginina: soprano 
Elitsa Dankova: mezzo 
Irina Gotcheva: alto

The chorus arrives, here, the entrance to the village, 
susurration, elm leaves, stillness, a summons, 
Beside the big stone, water 
babble of voices, waiting ones, 
Penelopes of Xanthogeia, 
Rousilvo, living, dead, 
Oblivion willed on the unwillingly. 
Mirka the teacher breathes yet 
and you Natsko never old enough to love 
mourning, prescribed in silence 
homecoming to unbelonging. 
In the sequestered minds of the men of substance, ashes and blood, 
and looming, there in the snow, Kaimaktsalan, custodian of bones. 
Implacable grief, oxygen cannot be bartered 
And now, what lips are left to mouth the song of freedom? 

Only ligering echoes of the melody of the forbidden language 
and undaunted dancing to songs without words. 
Sometimes, once in a while 
comfort to our ears, the stealthy significance of the unwritten, 
like some secret, dignified in silence 
liquid lamentations over the graves of our forbears 
where we mutes have just bid farewell, 
and the villages, where behind us we left 
bewildered windows and doors gaping in the wind 
without crier or priest, or a pitcher for the spring.

(translated by Jonathan Smith)

Rousilvo is the second part of a trilogy of which Nostos is the first part.


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